Surfmobile gets a bit tuffer

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May 27, 2006
Dundee, Oregon
o.k. so I spelled tougher a bit differently but I think it fits with the new console. Pretty easy install but I don't care for the opening under the console between the seats. I will be looking for something to cover it. I also finished the CB install and wired in an external speaker under the dash. While I was at it finished the 62 grab bar.

Lastly finished the last of the basic rear bumper fab. I took some pics before the spindle install but you can see the basic design. I will be going with a single swing tire carrier with a mount for my high lift to get it off of the roof rack. I hope to get a couple more hours tomorrow eve on the front bumper or the swing out. Hopefully I will be motivated to take some pics along the way. Enjoy and comments are welcome. :cheers:

This my number #1 helper (or hinderer depending on his mood ;) )




HAH! I have a Hella Map light in the same spot as yours! Only, I'm running the red one...:bounce2:

where did you connect the map light? do u have another modified cigarette jack?:popcorn:

I've added another cig jack but I got one of the hella lights that is hardwired in so, just did that then bolted it to the metal base of the dash!
I have the red lens as well just prefere the clear for now. I also just hard wired mine. I dug around under the dash and found an always hot lead and spliced into it. now I can use the light whenever.

nice lookin bumper

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