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Dec 27, 2005
I want to develop kits for the 4cyl, V6,Inline 6, and V8 applications and try to make them more affordable. Is there a demand large enough to support this untaking? Any ideas are welcome and any feedback will be greatly appreciated (positive or negative).
turbo i say, 3fe would be sweet with one
at this point there aren't any specifics, but it will not be a centrifugal supercharger, it will be a twin screw application from autorotor, whipple, or eaton. i've never done turbo applications except on my old turbo 4-runner, i didn't enjoy it. whats with everyone wanting to turbo? i'm interested.
Turbo fits well with a F type motor. It gives you extra power in the high end where it is most needed by a 2F

Plus, they sound cool

the adapter that Bustanutly is talking about would be easy to make if you have the ability or know a shop that can cast pieces..

CNC would be easy too but cost more.
well I've got a guy that can CNC me just about any piece I need, and he's pretty reasonable. right now i'm also trying to find a company that can cast parts for a reasonable price, but the expensive part is the moulds that they need to make, and there would need to be a pretty descent demand in order to make the moulds pay for themselves. i think you're right on the the way the turbo sounds, i jus tthink that turbo lag on an automatic would be horrible. :confused: thats just me though?!
turbo lag would be less noticable on a auto rig..
But the main draw f/2f people already have manuals..

The turbo lag is the NICE aspect of it. Because they do not hit hard when they spool up on a six it just gives you power when you need it. But not when you don't (I don't see the turbo in low range)

Turbo's work great for a wheelin rig...

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