super glow system question

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Dec 8, 2006
Greenfield, MA
I got myself a new 2H, a 1986 model, to replace my dead 2H, which turned out to be a 1985 model. There are several differences between the two. The newer one has a vacuum shutoff system instead of the EDIC motor, for example. I'm happy to switch to that system, as I'm fully in favour of simplified wiring. It also brings the vacuum tank under the bonnet, instead of exposed to the rocks and dirt along the chassis rail.

Anyhow, another difference involves the glow system. The engine came out of a 24 volt truck, however I am planning to use the 12v system my truck has. I would prefer the simplicity of the Wilson switch system to activate the glow plugs, but I am curious about the superglow system and whether it might be worth using. I ordered a manual from SOR to cover this newer motor, but it hasn't arrived yet. I don't have a wiring diagramme for a 1986 HJ60 either (anyone?)


-to use a 12v version of the superglow, I would need to obtain a 12v glow timer and controller (from Oz I expect) - anything else?
-I can see there is a temp sensor at the front of the 1986 head, absent in my 1985 engine, that I presume is part of the superglow system - where does it connect to?
-if i install the slow glow plugs and the momentary switch, what do I do with the two sensors that are at the start of the glow bussbar linkage (two sensors are mounted into the intake manifold)?
-the head has two water outlet pipe adapters, one in the middle position, and one at the rear. I imagine this was to feed both front and rear heaters in the HJ60, however I have the HJ47, and only a front heater. Given the known problem with 2H engines tending to run a little hot and fry rings at the 6th cylinder, where would be the best place to install the water outlet pipe - in the rear or middle? I'm thinking to the rear, though the factory used the middle outlet.
-short of getting a custom accelerator cable made, what solutions are there to running an accel. cable when the truck pedal box is 40 series and the engine from a 60 series? In the '86 motor the cable attaches directly to the injector pump lever, whereas in the 47 install, it connected to a lever on the air-intake plenum. The fittings are different on the ends of each cable, and the HJ60 cable is way too short (unless i try and rig up the same sort of Rube Goldberg-esque accellerator linkage as the 60 uses), and the 47 series is not quite long enough either (and has the wrong fitting on the end).


Well I can answer the superglow q. I would not bother with it. My BJ60 had this system and I went manual. I would imagine you will need the 12 volt goodies such as timer/relays..... so do not bother.

Just use a 100 amp relay or bigger and activate with a switch. Manual is the way to go on these older vehicles. The keep it simple philosophy.
x2 on manual. you can have all my old super glow stuff if you want. it seemed like it still worked but i like the simplicity of manual, way easier to find the problem in the feild.
Gentlemen, I appreciate the opinions you gave, and I share them as far as wanting simplicity, but I'm looking for technical info at the moment.

I figured out that my oil pressure sender is 24 v., and swapped it out for a 12v. one, but how about the low pressure sender and the other three sensors - are they all 24v. or can they work on 12v. too? I can't find any info inscribed on the components themselves to answer that question.
low oil px switch is just a switch. no reason why it cannot work with either voltage.
low oil px switch is just a switch. no reason why it cannot work with either voltage.
Okay, what about the sensors on the intake manifold and the green plastic temp. sender (I believe it's for water temp at least) at the front of the head? I expect the temp sender to be 24v. but I don't know about the other two (or what they are for, though it must involve sensing incoming air temp or mix characteristics?).

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