Sunroof to moonroof (deleting sunroof)

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Apr 17, 2006
Trying to adjust to North DFW

Anyone attempt this with your 80?

I've got some play in the roof while its at rest, causing a rattle. I figure some silicon around the rubber seal will prevent any leaks.
First you have to find out what's rattling, something is loose/broken. You can pop the side plastic trim pieces off the base of the sunroof to look at the mounting points. Warning: the plastic trim panels will almost for sure break as soon as you touch them, after 20 years in the Texas sun they will be super brittle. To push the sunroof upward you can add thicker or extra shims.
If you just do a decent prep prior to laying the bead, once the silicone sets up I doubt you need to do like they did with those arms.

Think how hard you need to knock on an oilpan or valve cover to break it loose, only think I'd do for a few days is leave a window cracked so when you shut a door the air pressure has a vent beyond the rear quarterpanel ones.

Like how when you get a new windshield they tell you to keep the window cracked for 48 hrs for full set of the glue.
I deleted / converted to moonroof by welding 3/4 angle iron to the "hole" and then it'll be mounted with polyurethane.

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