Sunroof sealing

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Nov 22, 2021
Dear Everyone-

I have a 1991 - fj80 and I am considering sealing off the sunroof. I think it leaks, and I never use it – not to mention the roof rack I have on the vehicle…

Secondly, I want to have a new headliner installed and don’t like the hanging kind, but with all of the bracketry and electronics needed to house a sliding window, I see why it’s necessary…. Just wondering if I removed everything if that would open up a lot of other problems for me?
Just wondering if I removed everything if that would open up a lot of other problems for me?
You'll probably never get your soft headliner back in, if that's what you mean. Also, I believe that the soft headliners wrap around the edges of the body at the windows, so you likely have to pull the windshield and rear side windows to do it properly. Or you can just pull on it really hard and see whether it slips free or tears...

'93/'94 owners have swapped in the newer style, stiff headliner. I don't know if '91/'92 owners have, but I have no particular reason to think it's not the same.

Personally, I'm going to weld a panel in place of the sunroof in my '94. My headliner is wrecked anyway, so I'm fine with destroying it when I remove it.
Have you tried some searches in this forum?

There have been previous discussion on how to clean your sunroof drains, or seal up around a cable cover, and improve on the sunroof seal itself ie: often
by adding something to/on/under the factory rubber seal.

Also the sunroof glass assembly tends to droop, adjusting the shims (adding thicker shims) where the glass is bolted to the sunroof mechanism can be used to bring the glass upward which may help with a better seal against the roof sheet metal.


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