sunroof FZJ

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Oct 5, 2003
Saratoga Lake, NY
Ok, I've cleaned the gasket around the sunroof. Greased it, greased it again, and again. Still leaks air at speeds over 40mph. I could close the cover, but...
I've read somewhere where there are shims that can be adjusted.
Anyone know of these shims?

You can find what you are looking for by doing a search (fixed wind noise in sunroof) posted on 5 JAN 04 by mjos. :D

Wayne S :cheers:
Thanks much Wayne... :cheers:
That was my post. It's is a really easy process. The dealer sells shims of different thicknesses but I just used some galvanized washers about 1/8" thick from home depot.

The shims are for the vertical adjustments. However, the same six nuts can be loosened to have a little bit of horz adjustments as well. What you have to do is remove the plastic trim panels on both sides of the glass, facing the interior of the cab. Take a look at the panels (roughly 1.5" wide) and see how the separate trim pieces are located. Using a hook tool of some sort, gently pry the panels downward. These snaps are similar to the ones used elsewhere (dashboard, sill panel, rocker panel, etc). It's best to do this when the interior of the truck is warm, to avoid breaking the snaps. Or you can use a hair drier to heat up the area. When you remove the panels, you'll see three nuts on either side of the glass. You'll also notice the factory shims. Loosen these nuts just a little and play with your adjustments. Tighten them up and go for a drive. Reinstall the trim pieces after you think you're satisfied. The nuts are 10 mm.



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