sunroof drain water problem

Oct 27, 2003
North Cadillac
Well that title should help folks out using the search. My carpet was wet after a hard rain the other day, so i said darnit, guess the drain is clogged again. I did go wheelin' two weekends ago and got pretty muddy all over, including the roof.

Dug up some thin wire, fashoned a cloth to the end (think like a gun barrel cleaner) and eased it down the drain. Then i poured some water down the drain to see it drain out. I poured a good 16 oz. of water down the drain, and nothing. :confused: Plunged the wire and cloth down for another clean and hopefully dislodge the blockage. More water, a little trickle. Then i decided to pop the kick panel off and have a look. THis is what i found!

Note the areas circled in blue are very wet. Also circled are sources of drippage.
leak 004d (Small).JPG
leak 005d (Small).JPG
Dec 22, 2003
Have you checked to see if the slits in the bottom of the rockers are draining? After running through some deep mud last summer they got plugged up on my passanger side. Then when it would rain the rockers would fill up. One time I had to stop quick on a slight decline, when I looked down I could see the water rise up through the carpet at the pinchwelds. Got at least a half gallon of water in my passanger side carpet that time.

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