Sump gasget? silicone???

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Jul 23, 2013
I bought a gasget for my fj62 online and when it arrived its a silicone(rubberish) gasget?? i have only ever seen cork ones before has anyone used one of these?

Also i bought black gasget goo, ive read that its only to be used on the corners and the curved bit but is their any merit or issues with putting some along the entire thing?
Would you care to share what specific type of gasket you are referring to? I'm thinking oil pan but...
With all the drama people have replacing their oil pan gasket, I'd ditch whatever you got and use the one from Toyota.
I haven't heard anything good or bad regarding a silicone oil pan gasket for our motors, (didn't even know one existed) but regarding the "black gasket" which I'm assuming means a tube of RTV silicone or gasket maker stuff, then only put it on the corners as you already wrote. I personally wouldn't cover the entire mating surface with RTV plus the regular gasket. Some folks do use FIPG along with cork gaskets with good results, but that's probably not what you have on hand.
well got it all fitted, big pain in the ass but its all good. thanks for the help
Silicon gaskets are great, they can be reused if they don't get crazy old and if you don't use RTV. I have to confess, I have a silicone pan gasket on my 350 and I still used RTV. I just hate leaks.

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