Summer road trip '12

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Apr 19, 2009
Manila, Philippines
For this summer, my two sisters family joined us on our road trip. Our destination was Bolinao and Patar, Pangasinan. It was about a 700km drive back and forth. We took a longer route on our way back through Zambales. Again it was a joy driving the V8 diesel :D. Here are some pics.
2 Bolinao fishing village.jpg
4 Bolinao lighthouse 2.jpg
4.1 Bolinao stream dip.jpg
Bolinao pics

Bolinao beach and Bani roadside
5 Bolinao beach.jpg
6 Bolinao sunset.jpg
11 Bani.jpg
Patar pics

Here are some pics from Patar beach. Hope you like them all !
8 Patar.jpg
9 Patar.jpg
7 Cruisers in Patar.jpg
Thanks for the pics. Looks like a fun trip.
That looks wicked cool.
Third picture of the swimming hole looks awesome. Crystal clear emerald waters and big smile on everyone's face. What a summer trip should be all about. Plus, in a LC to boot!!!

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