Summer Club Runs

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Aug 22, 2007
Central CA
Post up where you would like to have some club runs this summer and we can discuss where to go at the May meeting.
Coyote and swamp would be a good weekender, there is always overnight at Dustin's cabin and bald. He always talks about getting a large group up to his place.
Base camp out of bald run all of them up there also want to maybe do duesey, later in the year like to do a desert trip check out the race track and stuff
Mono, not just for teens!

I am heading out for a nice weekend trip 6/11. Our plan is to complete the 100 mi loop around Mono Lake. I think the trail is called Bodie. Can I tell you anthing else about the trail, not really. We are camping on the trail, about 50 mi in to the loop.

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