suggestoin on getting axle from Cal to Utah--CHEAP


Dec 22, 2002
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So I thought I had my hands on a sweet rear FF with locks for my 60 comin' my way, but that deal went sour (dang it all!), but I still am going to go with a FF rear with toyota locker, just using the electric locker now since the cable lockers are so hard to find and GET (no changing my mind here
folks so don't start). Anyway, unless anybody can direct me to a better deal (please?!?!?!), I am getting the rear FF from SOR. The price is right enough for me for the axle, but I asked him to approximate shipping and I had to say I would call him back so I could go change my shorts... I could almost buy another FF for the price he stated for shipping--and I am only two states away in Utah!!! I could drive down and back for less money--EASILY. But I don't have the time to do so--I have classes starting on Monday. Anyway, anybody know any tricks, deals, steals, or something that could help me get this axle home that would be ALOT easier on my pockets? Or anybody know of another place to get a FF for near the SOR price (or better) but better shipping? Any and all suggestions are welcome, but I don't want to start a rant on shipping or on SOR--just need help or suggestions please. Post here or email me direct at fj60@gmx.nettttt (remove all the extra "t"s to email me.)


Dec 13, 2002
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Re: suggestoin on getting axle from Cal to Utah--C

A cheap way to ship big stuff is Greyhound, but you have to drop off and pick up at a station. Maybe someone near SOR could pick up and drop it off for less than SOR is willing to ship for.

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