Suggestions needed on aux light switch mounting location

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Jan 5, 2016
I am in the process of mounting a 42" led lightbar on my rhinorack. I've got the lightbar, relay, and an oem looking switch all on their way in the mail. I have an '05 GX so I don't have the blank spot on the left knee panel left of the steering wheel. I want to look stock as possible with this light switch mount, I'm thinking about next to the DAC button but I am unsure. Do y'all have any suggestions where I could mount this? Thanks a lot for any suggestions.


Are you lifted yet? If you no longer have stock suspension, you could get a blanking plate for the suspension settings switch and put it there.
Are you lifted yet? If you no longer have stock suspension, you could get a blanking plate for the suspension settings switch and put it there.
Not yet but I hope to be soon. That is a good idea putting it where those controls go.
Here's a little mod I did today... Swapped my '05 "switch hole base no. 1" for an '07+ one. AKA, the panel for switches on the dash on the left-hand side of the steering wheel.

I hated the waste of a good switch spot from the fat mirror switch and had planned on opening it up for a fog switch, but then I noticed the '07+ got reconfigured there when they added the aux port to the center console, and they moved the center diff lock switch to the left of the steering wheel here and shrunk the mirror switch.

I got the complete switch hole base and all the switches included for $50 off eBay. All connectors fit right up, no prob. I left out the center diff lock switch as I am leaving the original one where it's at and I'll figure out a fog light switch to go in that spot. Another thing to note is that all of the switches are keyed (or notched) differently and cannot swap around to different positions without cutting out new notches in the switch hole base or cutting off the notches on the switch.

FWIW, this could be done by just buying the newer switch hole base, but then you also have to get the new mirror switch as they have a different outer plastic bracket which does not have a separate Toyota part number on it (and the EPC does not show it as a separate part either), but the inner actual switches are identical... (Unless the old switch bracket surround could be modified...see next post below.)

Part numbers:
55446-60050 SWITCH HOLE BASE No. 1 '07-09
84870-60090 OUTER MIRROR SWITCH ASSEMBLY, '07-09 shows the switch hole base as $19 and the mirror switch at $129. So I guess this is only under $100 if you get an eBay special like I did or if the old mirror switch bracket can be modified to fit.

Anyway, pics:
1) new switch hole base ('07-09)
2) old ('02-06)
View attachment 1194318
View attachment 1194319

Link for my post above.

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