Suggestions needed for painting front end parts for '78 FJ40

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Jun 27, 2005

Knuckles, spindles, inner hubs, dust shields/brackets and Aisin locking hubs all chemical stripped and ready for paint.

Recommendations/pictures requested on what parts to tape out for spray painting?
Also, any suggestions on brand, type and color of spray paint?

I was planning on spraying one coat of Rustoleum 'Stops Rust' 'Clean Metal Primer' followed by two coats of Rustoleum 'Stops Rust' gloss black (and gloss red on Aisin hub dials).
I used Rust Bullet on those exact pieces, didn't coat any of the metal to metal surfaces and sealing surfaces. Rust Bullet is good stuff. I wouldn't be afraid of using Hammerite Rust Cap by Kilz either. Both seem to have similar finishes.

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