Suggestions & Input for Rear Suspension - Gear + Towing

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Apr 1, 2018
What rear shock and coil would you suggest / similar load and experience (I will scale out the truck this week sometime)

I'm sure the variables are endless and will agree that comfort and ride quality are ultimately sacrificed whichever way I decide.

Current setup - 2011 with Ironman Constant Load 880# coils and FCP shocks in the Rear + FS CoilRite Bags (Front going to Heavy Constant coil soon)

Ironman Premium Bullbar + 12k Synthetic winch, lights and single AGM
Rear Kaymar Bar w/ Tire Carrier and Jerry
40Gal LRA
Ironman Steel flat rack and Ironman Swift RTT
Ironman rear 1000mm Drawers and wing kit w/ various tools and compressor - 170# + 60lbs tools
For touring w/ Fam we are towing an Opus OP 15 w/ two toddlers + wife and 2x 75# doggos in the back - CW: 4960lbs GVWR: 6600lbs TW: 410lbs ( lose about an inch of height once hooked up and loaded (slight reverse rake)

Talked w/ a couple other 200 owners running the OME 2725's and they spoke highly of the capability - but noticed on the forum a few advise against the 25's

Current Rear Springs are a 374lb/in rate
2724s are 400lb/in
2725 are 440lb/in (hard to find since the armored 200's eat these up in bulk - (driven the crap out of this setup and loved it)
Ironman AUS makes a "Extra Heavy" rear coil for the 200 "TOY064D" - waiting to hear back on the spring rate for those - unless someone can chime in

TIA for the help :cheers: & if I'm missing any helpful info LMK.

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