Sudden shift in and out of gear.

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Mar 22, 2015
Queen Creek, Az.
Well "OSO" has been doing so well I have had nothing to do for her but regular oil changes. (Well aside from the EGR code that will not clear and CBT and Toyota Tech say it should not be capable of throwing and the oil level switch that gets stuck sometimes.) Now it appears she had developed a new need for added attention.
The wife came in a week or so back and said "The 'Cruiser is acting up. She is bucking like a and out of gear." So I took it for a test drive. After 2 hours and running both combined surface streets and freeway I had to come back and tell her "It ran fine for me...really good in fact. Not a burp." That did not go well. :frown: I checked the fluid level and that was right on. The fluid is bright red as it should be since I serviced the trans about 5k miles ago.

The next day we took it for an errand run and I had her drive. About 30min in we were headed down a surface street at a constant 40mph (right at 2000rpm with the larger Falken tires) and it did indeed buck, then it was ok, then it bucked again. I was watching the tach but it happened so quickly I could not tell if the rpm were responding either up or down. I turned the OD off to see if it made a difference but did not seem to. I would swear I could actually hear the transmission solenoids clicking when it bucked.

Came home and scanned the manuals for insight and did a search here for threads with similar symptoms. SmokingRocks posted a section of manual and testing specific to the '93-'94's and their separate trans computer so I went through the process and found no codes.

Driven it about another 100 miles since and I have experienced nothing but my wife did a 5-mile drive to the store and she said it did it twice to her in that trip.
"OSO" has 188k on her now and it looks like perhaps she is going to need some transmission hands-on by CBT unless I can find a more direct resolution.

Should I be pulling the pan and replacing the two shift solenoids (85420-60050 SOLENOID ASSEMBLY ) before I resort to transmission professional help?

Opinions are appreciated.
First thing I would do is a manual shift test. It’s in the fsm if you have one. You unplug the solenoid wire. It’s on the drivers side behind the NSS. Then drive it shifting with the gear selector. If it doesn’t act up chances are it’s the solenoids. They may not be completely gone that’s why you aren’t seeing a code yet. Mine did this.
Sounds like an electrical problem, but could be the solenoids. My first check would be the connector near the starter.
I did not want to leave this thread in limbo so here goes.

I did all the checks on the exterior and found nothing with the electrical connector or any of the wiring that looked to be at fault.
So I did some checking with my go-to parts guys at Toyota for the replacement solenoids. After they revived me I thought, "there has to be a source less than $260/solenoid."
After a month or so of digging and talking to my local transmission shop I got a set of Isuzu part numbers for the same solenoids. The difference, I had to buy them as a kit which had all 5 transmission solenoids in it. (so if the trans ever gets a full tear down I have the one deep inside as well.

(sorry, my phone lens got schmered)

Installed the new solenoids and filter/seal and put it all back together.

It seems to have resolved the problem but I really don't have many miles on it to be absolutely sure. (I could put 100 miles on it and it would not act up at wife would drive 3 miles and it would act up on her the whole way.)

As I get more time I will follow up.

Now, on to the AC system gremlins.:bang:

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