Sucking sound inside from rounded metal disk below glove compartment

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Apr 25, 2005
Bean Station, TN
Any idea what this is? Looks like it is coming from the vacuum line off of the distributor (which I just replaced yesterday) in through the firewall to a rounded metal object that is mounted on the firewall below the air conditioning equipment. I can post a picture if needed. Any idea what the disk is for and why it might be making this noise now?
That line's to supply clean air from your cab to vent your dizzy and keep it dry and happy. I don't think mine makes any noise, but I've never listened for it near the glovebox.

x2, that's what I am thinking.
There is no missing this noise. It is a very distinct hiss. If it supposed to be there, than I will check the line for partial obstruction. That is what it sounds like.
It should not make a noise. Normal airflow through it is very minor, not audible.

The VCV that controls dissy cap ventilation is suspect. Either failed or wired incorrectly.
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Thank you, Jim. I will try to identify the VCV.:hmm:
The system was incorrectly hooked up - I screwed it up after replacing the distributor cap. I got it all hooked up now and it is running better.

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