Subtank Console Gauge Harness Routing??

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Mar 11, 2006
Have any one every installed subtank console fuel gauge in a 96-97?

The last bit of wiring I have to run is from the console to the DS kickpanel. Problem is with the sunroof motor and wiring there really doesn't seem like there's enough room.

Anyone have an pictures of the front roof with the headliner removed?

One option I have considered is to run it between the headliner and the roof. It would have to lay flat and I'd have to take it out of the flex tubing.

Any other ideas out there? :confused:
In my harness I had six wires. I sleeved them in varglass sleeving.
This isn't a very good picture but here is the harness I made.


I removed the drivers side handle and pulled the weather stripping back a little. Fed the harness right through. The headliner stayed intact, it comes down a little in the front so I just worked the harness through. No problem at all. The hardest part was getting the harness from the kick panel to the pillar. Once you get in there it all works:D
Where did you actually run the harness from the console to the pillar? Between the headliner and the roof or in between the roof and the, not sure what to call it, the lower sheet metal ?
Ok, this is a PITA. Did you run it inside the pillar starting from the square opening to the right of the opening for the visor or did you just run it under the headliner to behind the trim piece and then into the pillar?

Thanks, Jon

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