stupid smog pump wont shut up!

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Apr 28, 2009
I took my 88 in to have the pulley changed on my smog pump and of course the shaft on the pump was worn, so.....that's right, a new smog pump. :mad: So $300 later, my smog pump pulley still sounds like its eating itself. It makes a rhythmic grinding sound for the first 10 mins the truck is running, then shuts up. If it sits for a while, I crank it and it does it again. Sometimes it doesnt go away at all, just keeps on grinding. So essentially, I have the same problem as before, Im just out $300!:bang:
This cant be good Im guessing. Im gonna take it back to the shop that put on the new pump and tell him to redo the work. I am just curious if anyone else has had this same problem??
are you positive it's from the smog pump? have you isolated the belts?
with the amount of miles you have, I'm wondering if it's the "wheels" for the a/c belt

did they use a new belt?
They used the same belt. Yeah Im sure its the smog pump, spent a few minutes with my head in the engine last night while it was running and its definitely coming from the pulley on the smog pump. Maybe I have bad luck and the re-maned pump had a bad pulley?? None of my other pulleys make noise or shimmy at all.
sometimes they make noise for a little bit. they have a 500 mile break in period

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