stupid smog pipe/charcoal canister question

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May 6, 2011
Davis County, UT
ok, my 2f has been making some good steps lately in becoming what it should be. i went a week without driving it, and when i started it up today it ran awful. i found a broken pipe coming off the exhaust into the smog valve, and it won't budge. i'd hate to take off the wheel well, anyone know more about the pipe and how to get it off? I got the rubber hose disconnected from the top, but its the nut down by the heat shield thats a pain. could this make the engine run bad?

also there is a small hose coming off of my charcoal canister into the frame and it is very broken, how concerned should i be? thanks, drew.
Drew. I would do a full desomg on it. to get that pipe off you have to take down the exhaust and from there you cut it flush on the exhaust and patch it. that bottom hose on the canister i believe is just a vent however if you do a desmog you will want to switch the top two canister hoses
i would love to desmog it and put on a weber. the only thing that stops me is that my dad owns it, and he usually likes the stock idea over mods. more importantly there are annual emissions tests in davis county, so it needs to be able to pass. i figured out that down on the bottom of the hose its a diaphragm that keeps the flow going one way. could i cut it off and get a new diaphragm at the parts store?
the pipe into the exhaust is for the air injection system. It really has no effect on how the engine runs. all it does is pump air (oxygen) into the exhaust so the catalytic converter can do it's magic. there is a check valve, and if that is leaking, then you might hear some exhaust valve, but there should be no other effect on engine operation.

The tube coming out the bottom of the charcoal canister is a vent. The hose doesn't really connect to anything, it allows any liquid to drip out (which really shouldn't be happening since only vapor is supposed to go to the cannister) and it allows air into the canister when the canister is back flushed into the carburetor.

You need a copy of the emissions manual.
thanks, thats good to know. does anyone happen to have a replacement check valve?
toyota sells them or there are aftermarket ones available (for example, has them)
Hey Drew,
Good to meet you at my shop today......
Glad to see you walked away with the check valve and many other parts as well. i think your pop liked my 40....he wanted to buy it before it was complete....LOL!!!
Let me know if you need a hand or any parts along the way. I'll have that door finished up for ya this coming weekend.

Enjoy the madness!
it was great thanks! i'm enjoying all the new used stuff i have. i realized my brother bent the bumper a while ago when i tried putting the cap on, can't decide whether i want to straighten it out or take yours off your hands, ill have a new parts list when i pick up the door. he's pretty sold on that 40, but you should have seen my mom, it was like she was 5 on christmas haha. i'd LOVE to see that work out, having a 40 would be perfect.:clap:

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