stupid question of the week-this could be it!!

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Mar 11, 2008
Goodyear Arizona
Im looking at either a 4 or 6 inch Slee lift, but the clincher here is that I absolutely have to be able to park it in my garage. I measured it as it is now, it's 6'4" to the top of the factory rack. My garage door opening is 7 foot. So that gives me 8 inches. Question is, does the 4 and 6 inch lift give you exactly that amount to overall height of the vehicle? I suppose then you have to figure tire height in to the equation huh? Based on this forums broad knowledge base, what tire size and additional height of it would the majority of you guys go with for both size lifts? I ask because I dont want to invest a lot of time and money into the wrong lift and tires and either 1) not be able to park in the garage, or 2) end up with a lift but not the tires that fit and look good like it should. Flame, ridicule, destroy me or whatever for the questions, as long as I get some answers, I dont care.
6" isn't gonna make it in my opinion.

Unless you want to air down the tires every time you go to park it.:lol:
This was one of my issues as well. I ended up running j-springs in the front with a arb with no winch for the time being or sliders and medium rear springs with 35" tires. I adjusted my garage door all the way up but the roof rack still hit the frame of the door when the rear tires came onto the concrete pad :doh: Pulled the roof rack off and it clears barely. I have about a 6' 10" garage opening with the addition of my concrete pad. The j-springs picked my cruiser up almost exactly 4" in the front and 2 1/4 in the rear. Hope this helps:cheers:
For Doubledown- yeah, great idea, i'll just go "get" a garage that fits,......that should be easy enough, give me a few seconds and i'll sell my house in a really bad market, buy another house on a large lot which includes a RV garage and triple my current mortgage, because thats the only way you'll get a taller garage door opening here in Arizona. Wow. why didnt I think of that??..................joker!

For Reffug- that thought never occurred to me, maybe I could install one of them hose fitting deals I just read about somewhere on here that alllows you to air up all 4 tires at once. See, as I roll out of the garage it will hanging down ready for me to slap it on each tire and it will have aired up all four tires and retracted before the garage door closes. Huh? Actually had a buddy contemplating whether to tear up the concrete slab under his garage and dig it down deep enough and repouring it. Wife didnt go for that beer drinking idea.

So its sounding like a 4 inch lift with 35's would be safe. Thats probably what I need(or want) anyway. I want to still be able to road trip it on a weekend, drive the kids around and take it on some challenging trails. So I take it with a 6 inch lift you would be looking at 37" tires which wouldnt make it very road worthy, correct or not really?
Yes I think the general consensus is that 6" works well with 37's or a true 35 or 36". On the other hand I think there a few guys running the full Slee 6" kith with 35's still rubbing a little when flexing. With 37's you would probably want to regear even in Arizona. 35's you could probably get by with for a while without regearing, also easier for the crew to jump in and out of the truck etc. with 35"s and a 4in kit. I am very pleased with my setup, dogs and wife have a little bit of a hard time getting in my truck but I still drive it everyday, it rides well and still can take it on road trips. Drive it to the trail and back home. Just my 2 cents
thanks Tommy854runner, I want what you have, a good ride and trail ready with no problem road tripping it or driving it every day. I think im going with end up getting the 4 inch.

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