stupid pesky heater hose!!!

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Nov 16, 2005
Tucson, az
I got to spend the morning replacing that awful little hose. Original lasted 150,000 miles, I hope to NEVER, EVER get to replace that again. It was everything the other threads said it was and more.

I am very thankful for hte IH8MUD board and the search feature for telling me how to do it though.

Man I hate that hose!
If you have small hands, this is a 20 minute swap.

If you have big hands, be prepared for cuts, bruises, scrapes, and a 1-2 hour ordeal....

oh i started on mine sat Am didnt even finish im gona end up just replacing the whole hardline Much easier in then end to replace but a pain to remove but ill finish it next weekend
If you have small hands, this is a 20 minute swap.

If you have big hands, be prepared for cuts, bruises, scrapes, and a 1-2 hour ordeal....


you know what they say about guys with small hands. :D

I have bruises all up my left forearm, and one good one on my right forearm as well as various scrapes and cuts. I am left handed, so pretty much ambidexterous. I know right-handed people that can barely grip a screwdriver witht ehir left hand, let alone use it for anything complex, I cant imagine doing this with just a right hand. What a terrible little hose. No point in it eihter, since the metal tube is entirely attached ot the block, I dont see why they felt the ned to put a rubber hose there ratehr than a metal tube all the way, it has a rubber hose connected at the top for suspension from the firewall. Terrible design.
I've done worse things, meh.

And, you can bend that little pipe, but in my mind if you cannot control where the metal will crack it could crack into the pipe. Now I know that would take allot for it even to crack, but I opted to think ahead and removed the lower bolt altogether. PITA, but next time a 5-10min job without the worry of cracking the pipe from bending it.

Not a big deal to me, people in hell want ice water.
My notes from having just done this....

(1) Remove the starter and go ahead and replace the contacts (if you haven't already) now - with the starter out you have TONS more room

(2) How much coolant drained out? Dunno...I drained it all before hand in preparation for a coolant flush

(3) Getting the lower hard pipe bolt out wasn't too bad. I couldn't even get to the upper bolt :confused: - probably need better/different tools

(4) If the old hose has the sardine clamps on it try needle nose pliars on the pin to turn it...Another trick I found that worked was to "punch" the sardine key backwards with a small flat head screwdriver. If you've seen one of these clamps this should make sense.

(5) Toyota was so kind to put the other clamp (spring compression type) on with the part you need to grip and compress facing toward the back of the block...out came the dremel

(6) The new hose is almost as hard to get on as the old one is to get off...Some kind of lubricant is your FRIEND here...Oh, and DON'T forget to have the clamps on before putting the new piece of hose on :D

(7) If you are really up for some PM work the fuel filter is right there (to the left), just waiting for you to change it out :flipoff2:

(8) Plan on it taking longer than you think it will - Just be glad the right of passage is behind you and you will probably never have to touch it again!

I am just happy I noticed it, it is the wife's truck for now, and when I saw it, I knew what it was. I mentioned it to her and she said "I thought it was just condensation from the AC" :rolleyes:

Could have easily ruined a perfectly good truck.
I guess it's been about a year since I did just as Corsair wrote out, right down to the Dremel tool, and it wasn't as bad as the hype suggested it would be.
While trying to press the new hose on last fall, my left shoulder popped out of socket and I was stuck there with my arm threaded up over the lower control arm, around the frame and behind the starter. My shoulder has been fubard for years but this was the worst position I've ever been in when it has decided to separate. I'm not a small guy, so I had myself wedged in there pretty good and it took me a few minutes to get my arm back out. I must have let out a good string of swear words 'cause my neighbors haven't talked to me since. Nearly six months later and it still hurts. Looks like it is time for another surgery.
Fawking PHH!

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