Stumped -- CV Shaft & Steering Knuckle

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Nov 13, 2007
Frederick, MD
This afternoon, I took opportunity to replace the driver's side CV Shaft because of the boot is cracking up. Upon taking out the shaft, I noticed the inner area of the steering knuckle has some sort of deep groove. I'm not sure what you call that part as shown in the picture? Should I be concerned?

Oh dear- you need a new knuckle.

.....just kidding. Its supposed to look like that. Read up on @2001LC method to grease and refurbish that bushing.
Groove allows grease to move around. Make sure it and needle bearing just inside are well greased.
Those are grease grooves.
Alright. Thanks. I did feel it was okay because there’s some gap between the knuckle and shaft. What’s more the groove does go past the oil seal.

The seal would have shown some damage if it was something else.

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