Studs on exhaust mannie...

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May 31, 2007
Tucson, Arizona
Hey All,
This weekend I am replacing my exhaust manifold gaskets. I bought new bolts and studs for the job, but am wondering if there is anything I should know about installing the studs. Is there a torque rate for thease? Never done the new stud replacement so any tips will help.
just double-nut to remove and install. Use good High-temp anti-seize. There are torque spex for the nuts, but I don't know about the studs into the head. I just double-nut and snug 'em down, using anti-seize.
Use caution getting the old ones out is my only recommendation. I broke a bolt or 2 off mine when removing the heat shields. So, I left the old studs in place and ran a tap in the bolt holes and a die on the studs to clean up the threads.

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