Stuck wheel bearing

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Dec 10, 2008
Asheville NC
I have on my front wheel bearing a missing seal that I want to replace with a new one.... but the wheel bearing will not move.
Now I have tried everything and it won't come off.. the Bearing is in good shape still so I don't want to damage it and I have heated the race up but I can't exactly get a good point to pull it off?

Any suggestions...
Might have to get a slide hammer puller to rip it off. I had the problem of mine not coming out, but my bearings were shot. One of my buddies spun the hub with his boot, spinning all of the roller pins out before the hub flung itself off. I think since you want to save your bearing, get a slide hammer puller.
Wrap bearing with a oil soaked rag overnight ,reaply oil each day bearing should come off.Time 1 night to several nights. Mike
If yiu have a bearing (inner I assume?) that is frozen on the spindle... I would not want to reuse it... it probably spun.

If you have "heated it" in an atempt to get it iff... I would not want to reuse it.

Bearings are cheap. just replace it.
Cut the race with a dremal or cutoff wheel on a grinder. Stop right before you are all the way through and hit it with a hammer or hammer and chisel to split it the rest of the way.


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