stuck thermostat, or...?

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Aug 26, 2002
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okay, I know the drill...if the temp goes up after you shut off the engine, it's a stuck thermostat...right? But what do you do when you've changed the thermostat, rebuilt the carb, adjusted your float, etc - and checked everything else...what's next? Is there anything else that can cause this?

Boiling the contents of my carb each time I stop the truck is no bueno...
my 76 did something like that and it was the radiator (clogged)
I think its pretty much the norm for it to heat up after you shut it off, the coolant stops flowing, fan stops etc. Do you have an insulator under your carb? I just wondering if its missing or replaced with something else.
on my 78 near stock 2F has a coolant line that goes into the intake to either warm it when it is cold or keep it cool when hot........either way there might be a gremlin hiding in there somewhere.
Is your carb cooling fan working? IF its not, the heat of your engine pluss summer temps together will cause this. Your carb fan should run 25-30 mins after you cut the engine off. My fan wasn't working, and as a result it was real hard to start cause all the gas was evaporating out of the carb. Check see if the fan is running. IF its not, tell us, and 50 million people will tell you what to look for in less than an hour.
hmmmm...things to think about.

I know it's not the radiator either. I replaced that a few months ago - the old one split it's seams (as the Toyota rads are famous for)

I'll check the intake coolant line...haven't pulled that off...and I've read somewhere that that line is a problem.

I'll check the heat sheild as well. (although the heating is way above normal - it almost goes up to the boiling-over point)

thanks for the input!

zuluzeugma - you know what - it isn't working! I was going to test it this weekend and find it's relay etc...time for a new post?

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