stuck in low?

Dec 20, 2004
ok been reading diff threads etc etc and there may be no easy answer to this...

Put a turbo on my 3B recently. Got it all put back together to take if for a drive. I also had removed the trans tunnel cover to seal up holes. I had an H55 put in about 3 years and never bothered to seal up the holes since it sits further back. So in that removal process I had to shift the t-case level around to get it off.

So I go out to drive it and it's slower than snot. I can get up to 35mph in 5th with the rpms getting up there, as high as I want to go almost.

So at first I though some turbo related problem. People suggested clutch slipping etc.

I'm starting to think the t-case could be stuck in low. I can shift it around to all the positions just fine. 2H, 4H, 4L. It drove the same no matter what. So I got in there and took that bracket off that stops it from going to 2L. I thought maybe if I could shift it around to all 4 positions it might loosen something up. Still the same.

I tried the trick of putting in 4th and easing off the clutch. It slowed the engine down and start moving forward so I don't think it's the clutch.

All the linkage seems fine on the t-case. When I shift to 4H or 4L the front drive shaft moves so that works. Reverse feels really low too.

I've tried pulling on the lever that changes H to L but it doesn't budge.

Any ideas?

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