Stuck Drum on 69 FJ40 front

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Dec 7, 2020
Helena, MT
Need some help figuring out next steps to try to get the drum off.
It's stuck on really well. It turns (sort of lopsided) slowly, won't pull off, and the barrel adjuster is rusted shut. (So I can't loosen the shoes)
On the schematic it has the "nails", but they seem to be under the brake lines where they tie into the back of the wheel cylinder. (So I can't grind those off to free the shoes)
So I want to use a 12 mm bolt and crank the drum off, but when I do that it just seats the bolt to the drum and doesn't pull the drum off the assembly.
Do I just need a longer bolt, or does that trick even work on these drums?
Thanks in advance for any advice.
the drum is most likely "frozen" to the hub assembly
have you smacked the drum on the side with a BFH?
are there threads in the drum? to use a bolt
I alternated areas with BFH when mine was stuck on my 77. Amazing how much dust/rust came out of the bottom. Personally I would wear a mask! The drum slowly started coming off after several hits.
I recently had the same problem, had to pull the free-wheel hub, then the wheel bearings to get entire hub/drum assembly off the spindle and onto the bench. Once it was on the bench, a block of wood and a BFH finally separated the two.
Taking out the Philips screw in the drum is necessary but adding a bolt to that hole does not achieve anything.
Pb blaster and a hammer head in an air chisel are your best friends on this one. I just work the s outta the area between lugs with the air chisel (with hammer attachment) and PB blaster in the gaps at all the lug studs and around the hub. I've never had it not work and there's significantly less chance of mangling wheel studs/other collateral damage with BFH.
I had this exact same problem on my 1963 FJ45. What you need is heat and alot of it to the drum right where the drum fits around the hub. One of those MAAP gas type torches is what I used. Some heat to the outer circumference of the drum will help as well but it is mainly at the hub. I smacked the drum on mine with a BFH till my arm was sore--got some heat on the drum and it came right off. Make sure you have some really good leather gloves to protect your hands from the heat.

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