Stubbs 80 Series Sliders.

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
This week I was finally able to get all the loose ends tied up with my sliders so i have snapped some pictures and give a more detailed report on them for the FAQ

My sliders are a one-off by Richard Stubbs of

Being somewhat tight on money i was looking for an alternative to spending nearly 1k to get a set to the east coast.

These sliders follow the basic desgin of his "Deluxe" slider. While the actual material may not be as large as the other sliders available, it all uses .188 wall steel so it should be plenty strong for the weight of the 80.

Throughtout a number of emails and some measuring on my part, we had the design ready and richard welded them all up, he didnt however make the final 4th and frontal bar because we figured a two step operation would help avoid any possible errors. Once i got the sliders welded and painted i took the measurements for the 4th leg which goes around the cat.

The mounting leg which goes around the cat may not be the most beautiful and some may question it, but if there are any faults with it, its b/c my measurements may have been slightly off.

Nevertheless, I got the final legs mounted and so far I'm very happy with them.

***Because of the decent amount of measuring i did for the sliders, i dont want to disclose the price, as it may vary for those who just have Stubbs make some for them. I cannot say enough about stubbs welding and how easy they were to work with. I would definately recommend them!***
80sliders_055 (2).jpg
beach n stuff 014.jpg
A Co-Worker of mine, just got a set for his 03 Tundra!

Top Notch Work! AND Affordable!

Great product for the do-it-yourselfers~!
I was looking at mounting my sliders around the cat like you did, I was concerned with clearance,what do you think. There is a nice big spot to mount a plate for the outrigger on the inward side of the cat.
93/94 rigs are harder to figure out the mount around the cats than the 95-97.

there is no doubt the mounting bracket could cause clearance issues. How much of a problem will it be for my wheeling purposes? Time will tell. If nothing else, i figure it a small enough bracket that it should cause the whole truck to get hung up, but it may definately take a beating.

We'll see. If it begins to cause too much of a problems, some adjustments can always be made.
Richard does great work - was price the reason that you didn't opt for the kickouts or don't you venture into those areas?
At the time i hadnt read enough about the kickout and the advantages. Also, I wasn't aware that richard could have easely added them. If i had to do it all over again I definately would have added them

Live and learn.
nice work, good for you!

question: are you comfortable with having the whole thing just cantilevered off the fairly narrow welded supports?

Sometimes i do have concern about that but have seen alot of these on 4runner and tundras, the mounting all looks similar.

Also, the guy who welded these on is more then qualified and even added the small gussets without me asking. Because i am not extremely knowledgable about welding and this type of thing, i tended to not question those who designed it and those who spent their time to help me get them welded on.

It is a good point however and im definately willing to listen to anyone with legit points about the mounting etc.


I finally took some time to throw the hi-lift under the sliders. I realize this doesnt show it with all the weight, but the sliders only flexed ever so slightly.

They seems to be great and handle the 80 just fine!
80 002.jpg
80 001.jpg
looks great!

the undercat mount wouldn't work for me with the trails I've been on, but it might not be an issue for you. is there any way you can rework that section -- possibly have it hug the cats a little closer?

I understand what your saying and i fully agree. Having someone fab the piece that lives on the other side of the country maybe wasnt the smartest idea, its not to says he did a poor job. If anything it was my measurements.

For the time being, i dont see it causing a huge issue, but i feel as though it will need to be addressed at some point. For now, i will run with it and see how much of an issue it causes.

Nevertheless, it saved me tons of $$ and should do its overall job of protecting the rockers.
would you consider these 'step' sliders?
Doc said:
would you consider these 'step' sliders?

hmmm....I wouldn't. To me a step slider has a plate welded on top.
I guess the question of it being a step slider could be debated.

Do I used it to get up into the truck? sometimes.

What made me think that it is more of a step is the fact that it has nearly a O degree Cant, unlike the hanna or slee sliders.

Also, the addition of some grip tape has made them alot more useful.

I just have to say that what really makes your rig so sweet is that tasty little badge on the fender. Ah, "LandCruisers Forever"......


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