Stripped locknut on alternator for 2001 Tacoma

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Sep 21, 2009
Tulsa, Okla
I believe my son stripped the locknut on the bottom of the alternator tonight when trying to loosen it up. Despite my attempts to break it loose with fire and a multitude of different wrenches it appears I am going to have to cut the end off with a Dremel. Anyone know the part number for the tension bolt assembly or have any other ideas.

Hard lesson for him and he's pretty bummed as he took the initiative tonight to tackle the rest of the job and it is literally the last bolt we needed before we can install the new belts.
It will work out, it’s always the last bolt .

I changed spark plugs on the 4Runner, did a stellar job until the 6th plug and it froze in place.

It stinks, but a it’s learning experience.
Amazing how it is the last bolt huh!!

Got it undone after removing the tensioner bolt the using a wrench I was able to loosen the tensioner block which broke loose my seized stripped bolt. I do think the Kroil that was recommended by swampthing was helpful.

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