stripped head on bolt

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May 20, 2003
hey, i went to change the oil in my gearbox and transfer case today, but the head on the bolt where u fill it up, is stripped :(
any tips on how i could get it out??

When you get them off replace them go to the nearest princess auto or auto store and get a 24mm socket. (pretty sure its 24mm anyway)

Alot of people use adjustable wrenchs on them the style of head they have and where they are makes them easily stripped.

I had one that refused to come out once, actually had to weld an old socket to it to get it out...cold chisel just cut the sides off it. pipe wrench wouldn't do it either, tho it has worked for me in the past.

you can get replacements from toyota that are lower profile and have a large allen fitting in them pretty cheap. I think they're from newer toy pickups and such. Part numbers are in the Toyota FAQ on pirate ( some damn good reading, not all of it is toy pickup only)


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