Stripped Caliper Bolt holes

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Aug 2, 2005
Alamogordo, NM
So Felix and I tapped and helicoiled the two holes and they turned out ok. We still had trouble last night with the brakes so today it took the tire back off, cleaned everything up with brake cleaner, and re-bled the brakes and so far it seems like everything is fine. I'm going to drive it to work tomorrow and see if I don't die. If not I guess I'm good to go. I think there was a lot of dirt and grease and stuff in there make the brakes drag and slip and some bubbles making them soft. There is a bit of a kink in the hard line that goes from the terminal block on the backing plate to the caliper and I think that could be part of the problem. So I'm going to try to replace it. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the rotor, caliper, or wheelbearings...
Hey, i heard you guys ran into some issues. i will read up... don't die though, you are a good treasurer... We need you. :)

Ross, that's good news. You might make it ot the Round-up afterall.
Ross, if you need help with the hard brake lines, I hve a nice flare tool. All you need is some 3/16 line to make new.

I also have a nice bleeder bottle, lets you self bleed due to a one-way valve.
Did you ever figure out if the torque spec is 65 or 90 ft/lbs?
Brake Problems like these...

Yeah in my fsm it gives 65 and 90 as the two torque specs for the caliper bolts I erred on the high side because that's what I got off the 3FE list. It's not really that much more preload, just about 1/8th of a turn. I just replaced the rear brake today that's why the pedal was going to the floor I'll post some pics. There was no lining on either of the shoes. I think when it failed it caused pressure to push up into the master cylindar and that's why I felt I was having so many issues on the way back up from Devil's ditch. I literally had NO brakes.



Ross, Looks like you may need to have those drums turned!
I hope not, I've never bothered before. I found the reciept for the shoes and they have a 1 year warrenty from Advance Auto Parts. Looks like I'm taking them back tomorrow. At least then I'll have a spare set.
While you have the drums off, it's good insurance to have them turned. It's pretty cheap and a quick easy job. I can see the grooving, and what *appears* to be a lip on the outer ring. Without turning, the new shoes will soon be scored.

Good luck, Dan

Glad to hear that you're back in business.
Yeah I'm pretty pleased as well. Unfortunately the automatic adjustment lever on the drivers side broke off so I either have to get new hardware or just do rear discs.

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