Strength of FJ40 rear crossmember/bumper?

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Dec 17, 2005
I installed a rotating pintle on my FJ40.

I'd like to add a 2" or even 3" solid steel spacer block to it to move the pintle rearwards for more clearance during articulation.

Any thoughts of this causing an issue with the rear crossmember/bumper?



Original thread:
I don't see a problem adding a spacer. A trailer load should not be capable of bending your rear crossmember. Tongue weight and rolling weight are not that large.

I think the only time that you might be able to damage your rear crossmember is when trying to extact a solidly stuck vehicle
The po of my cruiser installed a 4 inch box rear bumber by just using 6 bolts 4 in the stock taillight bolt holes and 2 in center cross member holes. It had a very heavy swing out tire carrier with a 35 inch tire and cooler rack. I did tow a single horse trailer with that setup before I knew how it was bolted on. I had to torch that thing off surprised me that few bolts held with that much wieght. Only damage to cross member was a pukering of metal where bolts tried to pull through luckly he installed large fender washers. I wont worry about it

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