Strength of 2nd generation Sequoia 4wd suspension and drivetrain

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May 2, 2004
Jackson, MS
I've had a few 1st generation 4wd Sequoias, and they've been remarkably capable the point that, other than having a couple of limitations due to their longer wheelbase, they seemed to be as capable as my 100 series Land Cruisers.

So, my questions are: (a) how robust is the 4wd drivetrain behind the much stronger 3UR, and (b) what are the limitations - if any - on the 4 wheel independent suspension off-road? I've never used an IRS off-road, so I'm looking for opinions.

A) The 3UR is awesome on its own and I haven't heard of other shortcomings with the trans/tcase.

B)The front setup is basically the Tundra IFS but in back there's a 10in ring gear steel cased clamshell diff which is really stout looking. Big CVs as well. Scrounging early 2nd gen builds show some promise of 11-12in of travel.

2nd Gen Locker/Diff Info

Looking at similar rigs the 2nd gen Sequoia is about as close to the international spec Y62 Patrol as we can get since the US Armada/QX got smaller diffs. If aftermarket support improves then 2nd gen builds will be a big thing.

There have been a couple builds on 37s and 1 that actually looked like it was wheeled so hopefully others can chime in. Our Sequoia was kept stock for gravel/paved trips but the cavernous space and big power were tempting for a bigger build, the East Coast is just more mid size friendly so I chickened out.

Also shhhh... the fauxverlanders haven't screwed up this market yet!
Purchased a 2012 4wd platinum for my wife a few months ago. Put it on a lift for a pre purchase inspection and was surprised by how beefy everything was. The driveshaft looked bigger around than a softball.
I was rust-proofing the frame of wife's Sequoia on day and noticed that the fully boxed frame looks sturdier than the one in my Tundra, thanks to Tundra's C-channels in back. Mechanically, Sequoia's drivetrain is very well built.

Tundra has been notoriously good in ice and snow. I expect roughly the same performance from Sequoia. The only thing is Tundra's body sits higher above the frame, so it is easier to dig it out.

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