Street's '78 FJ40 Resurrection

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Nov 23, 2010
Chelsea MI, 48118
Picked up my first LC last Monday and have already started making plans and doing some work on it to figure out exactly what I'm dealing with.

She's in pretty rough shape but the engine runs great, it drives(doesn't stop) and the axles and frame seem to be in pretty good shape other than the broken DF shaft.

Since Monday I have rebuilt the Master and slave clutch cylinders as well as replaced the lines, have new MC, rotors, calipers, pads and replacement lines ready to go on. I also have a backing plate eliminator kit, Warn hub rebuild kit, spindle nuts kit, and a few other things coming.

Only have one picture from the day I brought it home right now, will get more up later:

Tub is pretty rusty as well as the front fenders but I got it for a great price and plan to modify it a lot so I'm not worried. I have a few 4Runners which is what I am used to working on(efi) but my girlfriends mom has a '79 Fiat Spyder that I keep running for her which is carburated and I have worked on dirtbikes and other small carburated engines. The one thing I am really not used to is the solid front axle.

Since I am going to have to replace one of the shafts up front anyway I figured I may as well upgrade. I have been looking at the TG dirty 30 chromoly shafts and birfields. Is there anything else I would need to do in order to run them?

Some plans for it are(in no particular order):
The dirty 30s
Tube fenders
Full cage
4 Link rear, 3 link front
Power steering or full hydro
Lockers + re-gear
Rear discs

Some things are a bit further in the future than others.

Sorry for the novel! Next post will be nothing but pictures!
Has a Holley Carb and 6 into 1 headers(not sure what brand)

Started tearing into it by pulling the rear seats. They were mounted with 2x4s and a 4x4 with some lag bolts..

And this is the 2+ inches of sand/dirt I found underneath

The seats are in pretty good shape and fold forward as well as recline. I will be using these as the front seats at least for a while.

Back view

Most of the knobs and such are missing but the gauge cluster is all there and working which is all that maters to me.

This is the support bar the previous owner "installed" to keep the window in place? I think..

And here is the reason the brakes don't work!

That and the fact that the rest of the brake system was pretty well neglected.

Thanks for looking!

Still wondering if there is anything else i would need to run the chromo shafts from trail gear(aside from new seals and such).
My guess is the windshield bar means he doesn't have the mobs that hold the windshield up?

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