Strange sounds from the 1HZ engine (1 Viewer)

Mar 16, 2011
Hi guys

Ive been having a slight taping sound when I start the engine in the morning for the 1st 30 seconds on a cold start. Was wondering if this could be something to do with the injectors in the 1HZ engine.

Also on hard acceleration at around 3000 Rpm there is a loud brief sqeeling sound and brief power loss when the sound comes. I was told it might be due to an injector getting blocked. It does not happen all the time but occasionally but as of late it has become more frequent.

Any ideas on what the cause could be.

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Jan 29, 2007
Sounds like it could be diesel knock when cold. Perhaps glow it longer.

The squealing noise and loss of power is not good, could your intake pipework be sucking closed?

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