Strange Sounds Eminating From Inside My Possessed Rig

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Feb 7, 2013
As if the doors locking and unlocking whenever they feel like it wasn't enough - not to mention the time it started on it's own - now there's a very faint high pitched whine and a fast clicking noise coming from the DS kick panel when the door is open. It's barely audible but I think I tracked it down to the relay panel down there. The clicking at least. The whine seems to come from everywhere and nowhere. But when I touch the relays, I can feel the clicking. I think the black square device is the source. What is going on here?
I had a car alarm that went bad and caused some electrical issues, if there is one under your dash rip it out it has tenticals that reach out and tap into the wiring harness. My bad car alarm caused transmission and cruise control issues.
Does it look like this
Another pic, bad viper pos car alarm.

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