Straight 6 fuel injection/ throttle body CONV.

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Feb 20, 2006
Corpus Christi, TX
What kind of MPG do you actually get. Ive seen :bounce2: 22-24 :bounce: advertised but i think thats a crock of #$%& :flipoff2: any personal experience here????
I dont have a odometer or speedo but I would guess 15-18 yeah I know its vauge but i did see some gain over the carb.
I get a little better than stock but hard to tell w/37's and 4.88's.
I just did my 2f TBI. Install wasn't bad butI need the proper chip to make it work good. Mine idle about 1K-1100 rpm. That's PITA overall.
Thanks for the feedback, Just hoping someone out there has a DD with it and might have a working speedo to get a better mpg analysis. WHat chip would you need to swap to:confused:
When they did the install in 4WD and SUV magazine years ago they got 17 mpg and said it would smoke the tires.
Anyone got any links or more info?
For what it's worth...

I did the TBI conversion on my 2F, mostly using the tech links on the forum here, there are a couple of good ones. It was cheap... went to the junk yard and pulled most of the parts (but did buy a few new sensors). I didn't keep track of the cost of all the parts from the junk yard, but it would have been around $200. I also bought the throttle body adapter from Downey, which made the job a lot easier (about $100), and I bought a new (re-man) 1979 FJ40 distributor rather than going with the Chevy, so I spent a bit more than I had to.

Anyway, I'm FAAAAAAAAAR from being an expert mechanic, and I didn't have too much trouble doing the conversion. The only thing that was tricky was tuning the chip, which IS NECESSARY. I eventually took mine to Lundstedt's here in Fort Collins and had them put the Cruiser on the dyno to tune the chip perfectly.

Now it runs better than ever... it's awesome. Great power all around, no starting problems, its really pretty impressive. I haven't calculated the gas mileage yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's around 18. Guess we'll see... I'll post more accurate numbers once I remember to take along something to write my mileage on :)

- Matt
Here is a link below 2F -2F-ETI but still a work in progress

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