Storage or console ideas for bench seats

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
Does anybody have anyggod ideas or does anyone offer sometype of console that can be put in an early cruiser with the 60/40 bench seat besides an overhead console. also is it hard to raise the drivers side seat on the split bench seat.
Unless you want to cut in half your bench seats no console for you. If I had bench seats I would probably just live without a console, I think the benchs are pretty cool. Get one of those replacement dash pads that are a lockbox.
I just got one of those console things that sit on the seat, shaped to the bench. I think it was Wolf consoles or something. It doesn't lock, but you can put your drinks and sunglasses in it, and if you want to use the bench, stick it in back.
well that looks like it works fine but this 72 already has 3 speed on the floor. so i may have to go with a wolf console that will sit on the bench seat and just mount my cd player on the dash where they always go. we'll see, i dont really want to cut up the dash putting in a cd player. i may have to think of somewhere creative to place it in the car.
I didn't want to cut up the dash either, but ended up doing it anyway, I like it much better than in a console.  Easier to see and to get too, and if you have a tuffy that lid that flips open can get in the way of the shifter.  All I had to do was cut about .3" off either side and trim the corners a little to fit a standard cd player.  Turned out very very nice.  Pnuematic die grinder made it very quick and clean work. If you keep your hole centered, a standard cd player will fit in between the dash pads as well. I have one with a mechanical flip out face and it works and looks very good.

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