Stoopid question on (Molex?) connectors

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Feb 24, 2003
Here is a picture of the brake/back-up/running light assembly wiring connection. My question is: "How is the connector in the picture secured ?" is there a clip I need to push in to get the connector apart or is it just an interference fit? I don't want to just pull it apart if there is a slot & tang or something like that keeping it mated.

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thanks in advance for any guidance.

1975 FJ40
I think there is not a clip on that one. I would have to look at home to make sure. If there was it would be easy to see. They mung up pretty good. Judging from the corrosion on the wires in the picture, I would guess it's pretty nasty. Gentle wiggling with a pair of channel locks on both sides might get 'er loose.
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It looks like from the amount of green corrosion that it proably is fused together at this point. This happened with my fj60, I used two pairs of channel lock pliers to gently wiggle it apart, and it was so corroded it didn't work anymore. Toyota couldn't sell me just the connector so I cut it out, went to a place that did a lot of stereo installs and bought a conector that had the same tye of metal pieces inside and used them to rebuild the old connector, then spliced it in place.
Good luck, ERICH

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