Stolen FZJ80

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Jan 22, 2006
Burke, VA
Many thanks to everyone in the TLCA who responded to my "STOLEN" email last night!

Long-story-short, our four-wheeled friend is home safe! After being physically sick for the past 36 hours, we decided to drive around to the local car lots to look for a new car. The particular circumstances all pointed toward never seeing the Land Cruiser again but on our way home my daughter caught a glimpse out of the corner of her eye and screamed "OMG, there's Landy!!" Within a few minutes - city, county, and state police cars were there. interviews, fingerprints and DNA sampling ensued for the next couple of hours and I was finally able to drive her home.

A word to the wise, If you don't have GPS tracking on your Land Cruiser - get it now! The sick feeling you'll have when it's stolen is nothing compared to the cost of a little piece of mind.

Thank you all, again! BlueCruiser84 - thanks for offering your help to the local police. The officer that responded to my 911 call went over and above to help me out!

See BBRC forum for the complete conversation.

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