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Dec 16, 2011
Hey folks,

I got this from a TLCA member in Virginia. Please keep your eyes open.

Stolen 1993 FZJ80.jpg
Good news! I received this email this morning from the owner:

Many thanks to everyone in the TLCA who responded to my "STOLEN" email last night!

Long-story-short, our four-wheeled friend is home safe! After being physically sick for the past 36 hours, we decided to drive around to the local car lots to look for a new car. The particular circumstances all pointed toward never seeing the Land Cruiser again but on our way home my daughter caught a glimpse out of the corner of her eye and screamed "OMG, there's Landy!!" Within a few minutes - city, county, and state police cars were there. Interviews, fingerprints and DNA sampling ensued for the next couple of hours and I was finally able to drive her home.

A word to the wise, If you don't have GPS tracking on your Land Cruiser - get it now! The sick feeling you'll have when it's stolen is nothing compared to the cost of a little piece of mind.

BlueCruiser84 - thanks for offering your help to the local police. The officer that responded to my 911 call went over and above to help me out!

Thank you all, again!

So was it just abandoned on the side of the road/ parking lot? I hate thieves.
One of the best security systems I have seen is an added high amp solenoid to the starter motor wire activated by a hidden switch. Turn on the switch and the starter works normally. When in the off position everything on the dash lights up, everything else works, except the starter. Same can be done by wiring a fuel pump relay the same.

Aftermarket add on security systems are a nightmare to deal with once they head south. They create parasitic draws on the power grid etc. I cut two separate systems out of the Desi truck and still have a bunch of wires to repair stemming from those systems. When was the last time you saw some one give a damn about a car alarm going off?
That's awesome.

GPS tracking? What kind of systems are available?
I know that SPOT offers something for vehicles. Might have to look into that ASAP. There have been a record number of car thefts this year in CLT.
Wasn't asking about aftermarket alarms @NCFJ . Those are always a nightmare. Was asking about GPS tracking devices that are silent/passive so that you can look up the vehicle's location.

@JohnVee are you talking about this? I wonder how it's activated once the vehicle has been stolen:

SPOT Trace
I understand, was mentioning a cheaper more proactive solution.
Wow, that is great luck! Hope it was in one piece, and it was joyriders and dropped it when out of gas or boredom. Never thought of a gps tracker for car, but makes sense. Going to Miami today, car thievery capital of the world. Will ask.
I'm glad to hear the Cruiser was recovered and hopefully it wasn't too banged up. Did they catch the guy(s)/girl(s) that took it?
For $29 it might be cheap insurance. I have considered it myself.
Not sure how good it is, but this one pops up on my advertising feeds a lot and it's $29...

How to track your vehicle on the cheap, using your smartphone?

I looked at this it uses Bluetooth from your phone and in order for it to be effective other users would have to have the app installed and active on your phone. It uses crowd location gathering in lieu of GPS so basically the device is pinging off of a users phone and the is then being uploaded into a cloud to calculate the location I don't see it being effective if some meth head steals your vehicle and parks it in the woods some place. It might work in a more densely populated area but you would need to have other users using the same service to locate the vehicle unless you were out driving the area and you were to ping it yourself.
Avoid all these issues: Drive a 4Runner.

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