Stolen FJ60 in Los Angeles

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Jun 18, 2011
Please forgive me for posting across multiple forums. I'm new here working off the advice of experienced users who suggested I post here; I hope it's OK.

My 1987 FJ60 was stolen sometime on the night of June 17 from the street in front of my house in Echo Park. The Mini next to it was worth 4 times as much, but I guess they knew what they wanted.

It's brown with sun damage to the paint on the hood and roof. The rear windows have dark tint on them. It's lifted a few inches on a Specter heavy duty suspension. It has around 190,000 miles on it, a 5 speed manual transmission, and a bunch of other quirks as we all know and love.

Yesterday it was wearing California plates 3XFN905. Today, who knows? The VIN is JT3FJ60G4H1136570. Please keep an eye out.


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