Stock Wheel Powder Coating

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Oct 10, 2009
Chicago, Illinois
I was planning on buying the Gray paint from CCOT to finish my stock wheels but would rather powder coat them for durability. I did some searching here on the forum but did not find a whole lot. Has anyone found a powder coat color that matches the OEM color? The only 2 that I found were RAL7040 & Cardinal P008-GR21. These seemed to be a little lighter than OEM. They look great but would like to find a closer match. Thanks in advance.
Krylon Smoke Gray is an exact reason to buy from CCOT.

Not sure on Powdercoat colors...sorry.
Wheel Powder Coating Vs. Paint

I seriously recommend the powder coat over simple spray paint. The finish lasts multiple times longer (completely dependent on your abuse). I have found spray can paint lasts up to a couple years before starting to look worn. Cleaning chemicals, road salt if in the snow belt, and rocks bouncing up off of things all wreak havoc on the finish. Plus prep is key, the cleaner the surface- the longer lasting the finish. Most powder coaters blast/clean the wheels fully before coating. It really makes a world of difference.
To get the TRD grey look we usually powder coat our 80 series wheels Anthracite grey with a clear coat. It comes out looking good- maybe a little off but looks like the real deal. I find that most people wanting to replace their OEM wheels with something aftermarket change their minds and keep the stock wheels after powder coating them. It literally looks like a different vehicle after they're done. Especially if you also added off road tires as well.

Garth & SoCal- Thank you for the suggestion.
SoCal- I will look into this color. Thank you!
Yah they turned out nice. I wanted them a bit darker, but they look great.
I powder coated in black, very pleased.

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Did you ever find a suitable powder coat that was a match to the factory gray? I too want to go with powdercoat over paint here in the midwest.

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