Stock Spare Carrier

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Yup, I have a 35x12.50R15 BFG MT under mine; but there is no hitch and there is very little clearance between the spare and the rear stabilizer. It hangs down too low, IMO, and I plan to move the spare to a bumper mounted carrier when I can afford it.

Here's a pic from before I bought it:
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I was wondering if I keep a stock tire there for emergency and would be able to put a flat 35" tire up there. I do have a hitch. I like to get in the back quite often and to have to move the tire out of the way seems like a pain. There is no perfect solution have to weigh the pros and cons.

I put a 315/75/16 under mine occasionally. Don't plan on anything but pavement pounding in that configuration as it hangs low. I have run it with and without a hitch.
I have a 96 with arb's I was think with the diffs open I would be ok. Thanks for the heads up did not even think about that.

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