Stock height, bigger tires. Bad idea?

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Apr 19, 2009
Somebody please clear this up for me. Is it inherently wrong to put bigger tires on a stock suspension? The original tires look smaller to me every day.

I'm running 34x10.50 Swampers with no lift on stock rims right now. It rubs a tiny bit at full flex on the trail, but that's about it. I've got a low first gear, so driveability isn't really any issue. I plan to go with 36's and no lift soon, but this is a family wheeling rig, and the body that I'm chopping off won't be missed. I say throw some bigger tires on your unlifted rig.
What size are you running now? Stock size was 235. Mine's stock with flat springs and 31 inch tires. It is fine but I need new springs to smooth out the ride.

if you change tire sizes by very much you will need to re-gear to get your power back, especially if you are unning the I-6 stock engine.

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