Stock front bumper with bull bar??

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May 2, 2008
Columbia, MO
I was thinking about fabricating a bull bar to work with the stock front bumper, where would it attach to at the bottom and top of the bumper, has anyone done this Wednesday I pick up the Cruiser and I want to start fabbing as soon as I get it back and flush/change all the fluids/greases and degrease the motor. After that im thinking exhaust tube roof rack, expedition style with slide outs and braces to hold a tent. and eventually I will break down and drill a big hole in the passenger front fender so I can start the snorkle thinking snorkle intake and exhaust....maybe a trail shower while im at it, and any thoughts on flowmasters on an 80?
there really isnt a way to get a decent protecting bull bar while retaining the stock bumper. if you see those brush bar type deals, they only mount to the bottom. and all the metal work that 'protects' the grille and lights are not supported at all. the slightest hit, and you'll get grille, headlamp, corner marker, hood and fender damage, all at once. they dont call them damamge 'multipliers' for nothing. best bet would be to absolutely beat on the stocker, till it looks like a raisin. then upgrade to a proper bull bar from arb, slee, tjm etc...the ones that actually DO protect the front end.

exhaust tubing for a roof rack? i wouldnt think thats strong enough either. its pretty thin walled, and too big in diameter. id go for something like 1" square or round steel tube, or .75" if they have that as well.

exhaust tubing can work for a snorkel, as it doesnt support any weight or load. it just tunnels air...which is exactly what exhaust tubing should be used for.

flowmasters are loud..and some can be obnoxiously loud. if you like that sorta thing, go for it. otherwise, i'd leave the exhaust alone.
I'm not sure if the bumper is sturdy enough to accomodate a bullbar as it isn't a part of the chassis, contrary to the rear bumper.
IMHO if you want the bullbar look, you'd better get a second hand aftermarket damage multiplier (bolted on the chassis on the tow hitches holes below) and do some ghetto cutting. But I'm sure lots of people here will object. ;)
For the roof rack im probably going to use 2" pipe with a piece of 1 3/4" tacked inside of it for double strength except at the corners will just be bent 2" pipe, ive seen something similar in a 2 tier design before, but im thinking of making it extendable at the back with some support brackets to swing down and attach to the bumper and maybe some poles going all the way to the ground....then I can find a dome tent a little smaller than the rack and have a ghetto fab roof tent. For the bull bar I was thinking of cutting some small holes in the top of the bumper and fabbing brackets to go through them and meet up with the inner bumper then coming off the fram at the bottom, I did something similar with my Montero except I just tied into under the end caps for the frame rails which come straight outta the front of the bumper, I just welded those bad boys right to the end of the front of the frame a then put some supports underneath, it wasnt beautiful but it was sturdy as heck, we used a hi lift jack on it to lift the thing outta the ditch when we were salvaging the burnt remains.
The exhaust pipe rack still doesn't seem to make sense. What exactly do you plan on achieving with that material, versus smaller diameter/ stronger overall tube?:confused:
Its free, plus ive got a pipe bender set up for it. I will of course paint it when im done. I could buy thicker wall pipe but that costs money, ill work with what ive got and it will just cost me time. And as long as it gets welded together by my exhaust tech the welds will look factory, if I weld it it will look kindof like gummy worm poop.
It's going to look like an X-terra!

actually it wont be that weird unusable shape like the x-terra, just a big rectangle with curved edges
I installed these first then a spacer and then the western bull bar. If you measure the difference between the tow hooks with the skid plate mounts, then the spacer that came with the bull bar you'll see there the same. When you cut off the step for the skid plate mounts ( because the step won't fit with the bull bar) the difference between this measure and the original measurement is what you need to space. I used a large 1" bolt which made up the difference. From the frame, I placed the nut then the original hanger that was cut then the bull bar. The front mounts with just the bull bar. The western bull bar skid plate has to be removed.
i wouldnt use the exhaust pipe for a roof rack, if money is any issue then you bought the wrong vehicle, just kidding check your local craigslist and keep your eye open for some cheap, and stronger tubing. i found some that i used for .10 a foot locally.

good luck sounds like quite a list
The exhaust pipe rack still doesn't seem to make sense. What exactly do you plan on achieving with that material, versus smaller diameter/ stronger overall tube?:confused:

I think the exhaust tube roof rack will not look proportionate to the body of the truck. It will probably make it look a little top heavy. If I'm wrong quote me and rub it in my face.:D

I would throw a couple pieces of that tube up there on top to get a feel of what it's going to look like. If you like it build it and show us the pics so some can copy.

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