Stock FJ60 suspension and wheels for sale

Aug 15, 2005
San Diego, CA
I just put an OME suspension kit on my FJ60 (with 180k miles) and I have all 4 original leaf springs up for sale. These have a little bit of rust on them. The brown stuff you see is mostly grime. Which probably means underneath is clean as a whistle...

$50 and they are yours. If the price is too high, make me an offer.

I have a flywheel and clutch cover and a very used clutch plate if anyone wants them.

SOLD!!!!! I also have the factory 15" wheels with some light rust on them. There are 235/75 BFGs attached to the rims with about 5-10k miles of tread left on them.
$125 and they are yours. I will even give you the 5th wheel and tire for free!

I am located in San Diego,CA

Is anyone interested???
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