Stock FJ40 wheels (Feeler)

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Oct 5, 2008
Kalispell, MT
United States
I'm selling my stock FJ40 wheels. I have not used them since I bought my Cruiser 5 years ago, so i thought I would see if anyone can use them.
They are off a 73 FJ40 and have some worn out toyo tires on them. The tires held air when I took them off, but they are junk and will need to be replaced. I can take them a shop and have them removed on the buyers dime if requested.
I have a set of 5, one having a different hubcap than the others. It was my spare. The wheels have some surface rust and will need to be sanded and painted to look perfect. The hubcaps are all there, but have minor dings in them.

They are in Kalispell, Montana. I would prefer local pickup, but if the buyer figures out a ride for them that's fine.

I have no idea what these are worth. I would consider trades for 40 parts. Roll bar, power steering kit, winch? Anything else you want to throw out there.

Let me know your price or trade and we'll go from there.
Thanks, Isaac
Depending on the wheels (disc or drum type) I'm interested in one or more and I can do local pickup in July.

Forum rules are YOU post the price though. I can bring non-USA stuff in trade if it's smallish.
I didn't take any pics of the back side, but I will. They are from a '73 FJ40 drums all around.

Cruiser guy: what kind of non USA stuff do you have?

Price. Seriously I have no idea? Mud has helped me out a ton so $150 for silver star members and $200 for non?
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Wheels are sold

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