Wanted Stock fj40 springs

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Cool. How much are you asking, and are you willing to ship? Zip code is 79086. Also have a Fastenal in the next town over, their shipping is usually reasonable. That zip is 79029, Dumas,Tx.
I've got a couple of sets. I will be heading to Guymon in the next 2 to 3 months, if you can wait. Maybe we can do a swap? My son may be interested in some lift springs. Do you know brand of springs? Terry

Azokie, sounds good.
I'm not sure. Let me take a look tomorrow after I wake up, i have a ton of reciepts and paperwork from the PO. Working graveyards tonight, so it'll be around noon my time.

In the meantime, I'm still willing to buy a set from either of the previous posters above. As hard as these are getting to come by around me, I'd like to hav
Did you ever find out what the lift springs are?
Did you ever find out what the lift springs are?
I couldn't confirm what they are, but my guess would be superlift. They look the same as a set of minitruck springs I had back in the day. I'd be happy to trade them, but, as this is my daily driver, I won't be able to pull them until I have replacements ready to go back on.
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