Stock FJ40 motor.. Can anything be removed?

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Mar 30, 2007
I have a stock 6cyl in my 81' FJ40 and is there an article somewhere that goes into detail about removing non essential things?

I have noticed a number of members with engine compartments far less cluttered than mine is why I'm asking.

You could start by removing the rust

There is a lot of smog equipment on a stock 80's cruiser. You could do a quick search for desmogging and that will give you a good start.

I would think that you would probably be exempt from smog checks in many areas with a 27 yr old rig.
Where do you live?

In CA they smog back to 76. I think in NV they go back the the late 60's.

Check your local DMV website before you start taking things off.

I live in MN. I don't think we do any sort of emission testing here. I found this on a MN DMV site, "State of Minnesota does not conduct any vehicle emissions testing anymore."
The clutter is one thing, but if nothing is broke than don't fix it. For your information though, that is pretty much the same layout as an FJ-60 under the hood, so look around in that information also for desmog help.

Personally, my FJ-60 is all stock, and still works fine, the smog stuff actually helps in some ways, although most of the systems were just bandaids for old technology.

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